Let Your Smile Shine!

Quite often, if you are a regular visitor to a dental office, there are usually no surprises. However, if you have missed a few appointments, for whatever reason, you may have a few unpleasant surprises. Especially when the dentist declares to you that after a thorough examination, they recommend new fillings or other restorations. What are your choices and how do you make one?

At Rossland Garden Dental Office in Whitby, we provide restorative dental care and help you make the right decision on how to get your bright smile back.

First, we need to assess the problem areas. Is it the general appearance of the teeth? Are there any new cavities or old fillings that are chipped, discoloured, or have decay starting around them?

The overall appearance of the teeth can be as a result of many contributory factors. The shade or colour of your teeth is mainly an inherent feature, just like your complexion, however the teeth can be discoloured due to various external stains from tea, coffee and tobacco, etc., that can be easily removed by a simple cleaning. However, some stains are internal, for example tetracycline, an antibiotic, if administered to children during formative years of the teeth, can cause a dark and sometimes fluorescent staining of the teeth; individual teeth that have been subjected to an infection due to a blow or a deep cavity can discolour progressively. Sometimes, excessive fluoride or disturbance during formation can cause improper mineralization and consequent staining. Such teeth can be whitened by bleaching or may need to be covered with a crown or veneers. Discolored fillings can be simply polished to restore the original colour or redone, especially if there is a recurrence of decay around the margins or rough edges. Older silver fillings could be polished or replaced with tooth material viz. composite resins, especially if they show, to enhance the smile.

Missing teeth contribute not only to an unsightly smile because of the space, but also due to drifting of other teeth, which can cause the misalignment of the rest of the occlusion. Hence, one should consider filling such gaps with replacements such as dentures, fixed bridges or the more recent implants. Implants are often a good alternative to wearing removable dentures which some people find hard getting used to. Implants are titanium inserts that are surgically fixed in the bone and then attached to a whole denture, or crown or bridgework for one or more teeth.

Often, bad breath may arise from gum disease or food remaining behind in between teeth or in untreated cavities. Gum problems gives rise to bleeding, and in serious cases also leads to eventual movement in the teeth and finally loss of the tooth itself.

Finally, improperly aligned teeth should be corrected with the use of braces, in order to improve the appearance and the function. Teeth can be straightened in most cases at any age, with a fair degree of success.

Get Your Smile White Again